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You can become a Communist only when you enrich your mind with a knowledge of all the treasures created by mankind. Whoever wants to reach socialism by any other path than that of political democracy will inevitably arrive at conclusions that are absurd and reactionary both in the economic and the political sense. The progressive historical role of capitalism may be summed up in two brief propositions: increase in the productive forces of social labour, and the socialisation of that labour. But both these facts manifest themselves in extremely diverse processes in different branches of the national economy. Not a handful of rich people, but all the working people must enjoy the fruits of their common labour. The Congress decisively rejects terrorism, i.

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Machines and other improvements must serve to ease the work of all and not to enable a few to grow rich at the expense of millions and tens of millions of people. Everyone is free to write and say whatever he likes, without any restrictions. Freedom of speech and слушать музыку red alert 3 press must be complete. But then freedom of association must be complete too. I am bound to accord you, in the name of free speech, the full right to shout, lie and write to your heart’s content.

But you are bound to grant me, in the name of freedom of association, the right to enter into, or withdraw from, association with people advocating this or that view. The party is a voluntary association, which would inevitably break up, first ideologically and then physically, if it did not cleanse itself of people advocating anti-party views. It is necessary to be able to withstand all this, to agree to any and every sacrifice, and even—if need be—to resort to all sorts of stratagems, manoeuvres and illegal methods, to evasion and subterfuges in order to penetrate the trade unions, to remain in them, слушать музыку red alert 3 to carry on Communist work in them at all costs. Human thought by its nature is capable of giving, and does give, absolute truth, which is compounded of a sum-total of relative truths. The reflection of nature in man’s thought must be understood not lifelessly but in the eternal process of movement, the arising of contradictions and their solution. Human reason has discovered many amazing things in nature and will discover still more, and will thereby increase its power over nature.

Sensation is a subjective image of the objective world. To be a materialist is to acknowledge objective truth, which is revealed to us by our sense organs. People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be, until they have learned to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises. Man’s слушать музыку red alert 3 not only reflects the objective world, but creates it. The Bolsheviks will do everything to secure this peaceful development of the revolution.

Victory слушать музыку red alert 3 belong only to those who have faith in the people, those who are immersed in the life-giving spring of popular creativity. We shall not bind ourselves by treaties. We shall not allow ourselves to be entangled by treaties. When violence is exercised by the working people, by the mass of exploited against the exploiters — then we are for it! The greed of the Italian money bags and capitalists, who need new markets and new achievements for Italian imperialism. What kind of war was it?

Marxism has declared relentless war on that slavery. To expect science to be impartial in a wage-slave society is as foolishly naïve as to expect impartiality from manufacturers on the question of whether workers’ wages ought not to be increased by decreasing the profits of capital. Слушать музыку red alert 3 institutions are a superstructure on the economic foundation. The bourgeoisie incites the workers of one nation against those of another in the endeavor to keep them disunited. Class-conscious workers, realising that the break-down of all the national barriers by capitalism is inevitable and progressive, are trying to help to enlighten and organise their fellow-workers from the backward countries.

Man’s consciousness not only reflects the objective world, but creates it. An end to wars, peace among the nations, the cessation of pillaging and violence — such is our ideal, but only bourgeois sophists can seduce the masses with this ideal, if the latter is divorced from a direct and immediate call for revolutionary action. Peaceful surrender of power by the bourgeoisie is possible, if it is слушать музыку red alert 3 that resistance is hopeless and if it prefers to save its skin. It is much more likely, of course, that even in small states socialism will not be achieved without civil war, and for that reason the only programme of international Social-Democracy must be recognition of civil war, though violence is, of course, alien to our ideals. We are opposed to the use of arms.